FAQs - Communal Areas, Day Visitors & Activities

Communal Areas


Do you allow guests to bring their own drinks?

We do not permit guests to bring their own drinks as we have a fully stocked bar for our guests to enjoy. We have various drink selections available, should there be a specific drink you can't go without, we are more than eager to arrange it, especially for you.


Do you have a restaurant on the property?

We do not have a restaurant on the property. We do have a few meal options we could offer our guests.


I do not eat meat and have dietary restrictions. Can Mister C accommodate me regarding meal options?

We try to accommodate all our guests to the best of our ability, provided that what you require is locally available and you order with us at least four days before your arrival. Please inform the booking manager about your restrictions to ensure we get everything ready before arrival.


Do I need to bring a pool towel?

There is no need to bring pool towels. We have towels available for all our guests and day visitors. Just remember to bring your bathing suit!


Can we invite friends to come and join us for a drink at the bar?

You are welcome to invite a maximum of two friends at an additional day visitor fee of R150 per person per day. Please arrange this with managment in advance.

Your friends are welcome between 8:00 and 20:00 during your stay.

As we pride ourselves on exclusivity, we ask that you take our other guests into consideration when inviting friends to join you. Meal arrangements must be made in advance. Please note that access will be subject to availability.


I can't spend the night but would like to visit during the day. Do you allow Day visitors?

We do allow day visitors - Please arrange this with managment in advance.

The day visitors rate is R200 per person per day. You will receive access to the pool, bar and gaming area. Meals need to be arrgnged in advance. You are welcome to arrive from 08:00 and check out no later than 20:00 depending on dinner arrangements. Please note that access will be subject to availability.


Can we have exclusive access to the communal areas (pool, bar & games area) during our stay?

If you book both rooms during your stay, you will have exclusive access to the communal areas.


Do you have an on site Spa?

Yes, we offer a variety of spa sessions on-site. We also have a 2-person sauna available for our guests. Spa treatments should be arranged two days in advance. Look at our Spa Menu to see the treatments and packages available.


How does the sauna work?

The sauna can be booked on arrival at R250 per person for your entire stay. Keep in mind that other guests might also like to enjoy the sauna during their stay (sharing is caring).


How do the games work at Mister C?

We have two free-play pinball games available for anyone to use.

We also have coins available at the bar for all our other coin-operated games, which you can purchase or add to your bar account.


Any fun things to see and do in the area?

We have a lot of things to do:

boat cruises, horse riding, aerial cableway, hiking, lion/elephant/monkey sanctuaries, snake and animal park, paintball, hot air balloons, breweries, restaurants and mountain biking spots.

Some of our favourites can be found here.