Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy
  • If cancelling 7 days before arrival, forfeit 100% of the booking total.
  • If cancelling 14 days before arrival, forfeit 100% of the deposit.
  • If cancelling 21 days before arrival, forfeit 50% of the deposit.
  • If cancelling 30 days before arrival, forfeit 25% of the deposit.
Forgotten Items
  • For us to return your belongings to you, We will arrange a courier after the full cost of the courier fees have been received in our account.
  • We do not take responsibility for personal items, whether it is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • As we offer concierge service for activities in and around Hartbeespoort, all T's & C's of their extended services should be taken note of. Mr C is not Liable for guests missing their activity. Precautions (Travel time, Vehicle entry cost, Extra fees) should be taken by the guests.
  • Mr C will not be able to refund any activity due to guests not taking precautions or adhering to the extended T's & C's.
    • Mr C does not take any responsibility for guests pets.
    • Trained Pets only. (No barking or loud noises that will disturb our other guests)
    • Dogs not allowed on beds or couches.
    • An additional cleaning fee per pet will be R300.
    • Guests will need to bring Pet Food, Toys, Beds, Blankets, leashes etc.
    • We do have a resident dog on the property (Koko). We will have a Meet & Greet session with the pets to ensure they are fine with each other. Should they not get along, we will remove our dog from the communal area.


    • Guests will be held liable for any extensive damages during their stay. should it be deliberate or by accident.




    • Payment
    • Gratuity will be added on the bar accounts as per the quote that has been agreed to by both parties.
    • The venue capacity is limited to 40 people. Day visitors will be charged a fee per person per day at the following rates:
    • No Day Visitors allowed without prior approval from the Event Manager.
    • R150 per person if the rooms at the venue are fully booked by the client; or
    • R200 per person, if the rooms at the venue are not fully booked by the client and this agreement is solely for purposes of hosting the event by the event manager.
    • The venue parking is strictly limited to 12 vehicles. 
    • The venue includes a bus service, limited to 22 people, operating from the Pretoria Gautrain station and Marlboro Gautrain station at R500 per person.
    • Notwithstanding the breakfast included for the guests staying the night, food will not be included in the payment.
    • Payment for the event must be paid in full at least 7 days before the event.
    • Should there be outstanding payments that could not be paid by the end of the event, the event manager is allowed to demand payment to be made within 7 (seven) days.
    • Should the client fail to adhere to the demand mentioned in clause 1.7, the event manager is allowed to start with the defaulting process against the client. 
    • A breakage deposit of R 5000 will be charged for each event.
    • The deposit will be paid back to the client within 14 (fourteen) days after the event date in order to assess and request replacement quotes for damages, should there be any. 
    • Should damage exceed the R5000 deposit, the client will be held liable for payment of the full outstanding balance within 7 (seven) days after the demand, therefore, has been sent by the event manager or any other person or company authorised to demand same.
    The Venue is not utilised as a wedding venue in the ordinary course of business and the client will have to inspect the venue before the event date to approve same.
    Terms and conditions
    • The first floor of the venue is strictly of limits and does not form part of the venue hire. First floor access will only be permitted to the Guests occupying the rooms on the first floor as per agreement. Guests on the first floor will not have access to use the kitchen or jacuzzi (Unless specified on the quote).
    • No alcohol is allowed to be brought to the venue by the client and/or his or her guests. Should this not be adhered to, the event manager is allowed to charge a corkage fee or R100 per bottle and/or refuse entry of such persons not adhering to said term and/or safe keep the purchased alcohol and return it at the end of the event.
    • The client must provide the event manager with a list of preferred drinks for the event, at least 14 days before the event, to ensure enough stock is obtained beforehand.
    • The client shall be held fully liable for the full outstanding amount of all unpaid bar tabs that arose during the event and that has not been paid his or her guests. Such amounts will be due and payable, at the end of the event and or the departure date from the venue, by the client.
    • The décor and/or further catering needs for the event can be arranged with the event manager prior to the event. The décor and/or catering cost will vary depending on the needs and preferences of the client. The event manager will send a quotation to the client, for his or her approval, regarding the cost for the décor and catering needs. The client must give his approval for the décor and/or catering needs no later than 14 days after the quotation has been sent. Should quotation only be sent less than 7 days prior to the event date, the client must give his confirmation at least 4 days prior to the event date. 
    • The client is allowed to arrange his own décor and/or catering service. Should the client appoint his own décor and/or catering service, the client and said person or company will be solely liable to arrange the set up to their needs and preferences.
    • The event manager will be allowed to charge an additional fee or R500 in the event that the client requires the use of any catering services and/or any other services that will make use of, but not limited to, the venue’s kitchen, cutlery, plates and/or any other items that are needed by any catering services and/or any other services. Should the cutlery not be sufficient to cater for 30 people, the client may hire their own cutlery or the events manager will hire at an additional fee. 
    • Should any catering services and/or any other services not be disclosed by the client, the Event Manager will be able to deny them entry to the venue.
    • Should the client make use of a DJ, entertainer and/or other performer/s, the event manager will be allowed to charge an additional fee of R500. Should a DJ, entertainer and/or other performer/s not be disclosed by the client, the Event Manager will be able to deny them entry to the venue.
    • Entry to the venue will only be given to guests that have been invited, by providing their invites at the venue entrance, and/or to guests that appear on the guest list. Should any person(s) not provide their invite to the event at the venue entrance and/or should any person(s) not appear on the guest list, such person(s) will be denied entry to the venue.
    • The client will be held liable and responsible for the behaviour of all the guests attending the event.
    • No illegal substances will be allowed at the event venue and nor the event manager, nor any other person in their employment will be held liable for any drug use at the event venue.
    • Firearms will not be allowed under any circumstances at the event venue.
    • As the venue is situated in a residential area, all guests at the venue must adhere to and stay within the regulations regarding the noise policy and time frames concerning said policy. Currently, as per government regulations, 22:30 pm noise/music should be lowered to an acceptable level. It is, however, still to the discretion of the event manager and, depending on neighbours’ complaints.
    • The client shall be responsible to ensure that all the guests adhere to any and all policies and regulations, concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, as stated in the Government Gazette and which is amended from time to time. No guest shall address any staff members, employed by the event manager, without proper precautions being taken.
    • All guests attending the event must sign an indemnity form. It will be the responsibility of the client to ensure that all the guests have signed said indemnity form prior to their entry to the venue. The client shall be held liable for all claims, against the event manager, by the guests that have attended the event and who have not signed said indemnity form.
    The client shall ensure that the following is properly communicated to the guests prior to the event date:
    • The event manager, the venue, staff and/or management party will not be held responsible for any theft, damages, injuries or death, whether at the venue and/or at the venue parking.
    • Entry to the venue will be at own risk.
    Rights of admission reserved
    Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, nothing herein is intended to, or does, in any manner waive, limit, impair, or restrict the ability of each of the parties to protect and preserve its rights, remedies, and interests, including without limitation, its claims against any other party.
    Should any of the Parties to this Agreement commit a breach of this Agreement and fail to remedy that breach within 7 (seven) days after receipt of a written notice calling upon it to do so, then the Party calling for such remedy shall be entitled, in addition to and without prejudice to any right or remedy it or they may have under the circumstances, either to:
    • Enforce the performance of the terms hereof and claim damages; 
    • Cancel this Agreement and claim damages;
    • Neither Party will be entitled to cancel this Agreement in consequence of a breach of any of the warranties or any other term of this Agreement, unless:l
    • Such breach is material and is incapable of being remedied by a payment of money or, if it is capable of being remedied by payment in money, the defaulting Party fails to pay to the other Party the amount concerned within 7 (Seven) days after such amount has been demanded in writing, or if the amount or liability, therefore, is disputed, within 7 (seven) days of the final determination thereof; and
    • The defaulting Party shall be liable for all costs and expenses (calculated on an attorney and own client scale) incurred as a result of or in connection with such default.
     Non- Waiver
    • Neither party shall be regarded as having waived, or be precluded in any way from exercising, any right under or arising from this agreement by reason of such party having at any time granted any extension of time for, or having shown any indulgence to, the other party with reference to any payment or performance hereunder, or having failed to enforce, or delayed in the enforcement of, any right of action against the other party.
    • The failure of either party to comply with any non-material provision of this agreement shall not excuse the other party from performing the latter’s obligations hereunder fully and timeously.
    Variation and Cancellation
    No agreement varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling this agreement, and non waiver whether specifically, implicitly or by the conduct of any right to enforce any term of this agreement, shall be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties. It is recorded that there exists no collateral and/or other agreements and that this is the sole agreement entered into by and between the parties.
    Domicilia and Notices
    The parties choose for all purposes of this Agreement the addresses set out by them above as their domicilium citandi et executandi. Any party may by written notice to the other party change their domicilium citandi et executandi within the Republic of South Africa: