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November month is two days away. It is summertime with the Jacaranda trees in full bloom, coloring the streets of Pretoria and Joburg. That means one thing, scholars and students study time and year-end functions. The Jacaranda trees in Gauteng have had a longstanding connotation with an intense focus to finish the year off on a high. There is a mad rush to create strong final results for students and corporates to lead into 2021. It has been a strange year with COVID  for everyone all over the world, and people are craving social interaction and connections. 
November month in South Africa is a year-end function month for companies of all sizes and stature. 

If you are looking for an intimate venue to host your year-end function with a twist, Mr. C Harties might be the right fit for you. Long gone are the days of hiring a big venue with formal dress up and stiff protocol, unless that is your ideal function theme. At Mr. C Harties, you can book a small intimate space offering a lot of activities to host a summer-themed party.
The staff at Mr. C Harties is accommodating and work with you to plan your function theme and all the details to make the event a happy success. The Space at Mr. C Harties is smaller that makes it an ideal venue for an intimate smaller group. There are four rooms available to book for an overnight stay, and if you need extra rooms, the guest house next door will open their doors depending on availability. 

The staff at Mr. C Harties will work with you to plan your catering needs. If your group consists of fifteen to twenty people, Mr. C Harties can cater for you. There are catering partners available to cater for larger groups that require more staff and equipment to ensure good service. The meat quality in Gauteng is exceptional for a big barbecue next to the pool. Mr. C Harties staff will light the fire and do the barbecue to your taste serving succulent quality barbecue meat. You can arrange for an array of braai meat to cook during the day to create a feast of flavors and tastes. The property situated on the hill offers beautiful views over the Hartebeespoort Dam while enjoying the informal venue. 

Mr. C Harties offers many activities at the property to entertain and amuse your function guests. There is a pinball room with refurbished pinball machines to play pinball into the night listening to rock n' roll oldies. The guest area has a beautiful pool overlooking the Hartebeespoort Dam with fun activities to create a splash. The swimming pool is heated, allowing swim time from early morning into the night. The bar at Mr. C Harties is well stocked and open to stock your ideal cocktail and drink choice for the event.

Overnight Rooms
The property offers four rooms to book for guests that prefer to stay for the night. There are partner guest houses in the area to book into, depending on availability. It is always a good idea to book in and enjoy your evening without the stress of driving back to the city after a long day full of activities and fun in the sun. The rooms are luxuriously simplistic, offering all the overnight luxury amenities to make your stay memorable. The venue is ideal for a summer function to enjoy a day outside in summer clothes swimming, playing outdoor games, and relaxing by the fire and bar area.

Contact Mr. C Harties to plan your intimate summer event for an exciting outdoor party catered and spoiled by the friendly staff at Mr. C Harties.

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