Host A bachelorette party in Hartbeespoort Dam at Mister C.

Hosting a bachelorette party is fun and exciting. It can also be stressful to prepare the right details and book the perfect venue. Look for a private venue where you can celebrate as a group of friends. A venue that will allow you to have fun is perfect. 

Host a bachelorette party in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Not every bachelorette party involves wearing something silly around the bride's neck. 

If you plan a fun bachelorette or an orderly gin cocktail party, there is a venue for you. Mr C Harties want to host you in Hartbeespoort dam.

If you love fun and a few drinks but want to avoid the cheesy cliche's, here are some tips to get it right.



8 Tips to help you plan a fantastic bachelorette at Mister C in Harties

Take charge when you plan a bachelorette party.

The brides best friend will take charge to plan the bachelorette event.

Start with your search for the perfect venue. Once you have booked your venue, start planning your details. Plan the details with a friendly and helpful venue team. Ask the bride what she wants and doesn't want. It is all about the bride. Make her feel happy and comfortable for a fun bachelorette event.


Ask for ideas when you plan a bachelorette party.

Ask the bride what she wants. If you decide to make it a surprise, team up with the bride's friends to help with the planning.

Plan the party to fit in with everyone's taste and style. If you are planning a few crazy ideas, make sure everyone is comfortable to go along with the party ideas.

Plan your bachelorette party budget.

Be considerate towards all the guests when you plan a bachelorette party. Ask everyone to contribute but in an affordable way. Make your planning fit everyone's budget. You want to allow all the bridesmaid's guests to attend.

Book a venue that will accommodate all your guests and allow your budget to cater for all the details. A venue with privacy and activities will host a fun bachelorette party.


Add the fun stuff to your bachelorette party

Once you secure your venue, plan activities and fun stuff to do during the day. Look for a venue that allows you to book fun activities and events. 

In Hartbeespoort Dam, there are many activities to book. You can go sailing and horse riding. You can visit the elephant and monkey sanctuary and choose between various eateries.

Bachelorette Spa Sessions

It is all about relaxation. If your bride enjoys a spa session, try to include a spa booking after the main party evening. You can also book a group package to start your bachelorette party with a spa session.

What is a better bachelorette party starter than a glass of bubbly and a spa session for all the girls?


Bachelorette games

Plan a few games and questionnaires to get the party started. A little bit of poking fun is always a winner.

If your crowd is adventurous, plan a few dare cards. Dare cars will create playful moments to photograph. Be sure to keep it tactful for your bride.

At nighttime, bring out the board games for late-night laughs.

Bachelorette party photography moments 

Make sure to plan decor and details for the bachelorette party. If you plan to create a memorable photo album, book a photographer. 

A photographer will capture all the funny moments.

Plan a few fun costumes and gifts for all the girls. Cheesy props make for laughable photo moments together.

To create something a little more feminine, prepare flower crowns for all the girls.


Bachelorette naughty moments

No, this isn't for everyone, but a few naughty ideas can be fun in the moment. Keep it classy and entertaining. Don't embarrass anyone.

Don't book any stressful events. Events and games should suit your bachelorette party and guests style.

Cocktails and Halloween costumes could be a fun way to start the bachelorette party.

Don't forget the decorations.

Plan the event with the venue team. Make sure your menu includes your guest list taste and dietary requirements. 

Macaroons and few fun french dessert pastries are always a hit. Go overboard with delicious snacks and food. Once the sparkling wine flows, you want your guests to have tasty treats during the party.

Plan the decor to the style of your event. Choosing a venue that allows you to decorate is an advantage. Make the decor, drinks list and menu memorable. A few fairy lights will set the mood and create a relaxing, comfortable mood.


Bachelorette parties at Mister C Harties in Hartbeespoort Dam

If you are looking for a venue in Hartebeespoort Dam, contact Mister C Harties. Mister C offers activities, games, spa sessions, heated pools and a well-stocked bar. 

Look no further.

Mister C Harties will accommodate all your ideas. Host a great bachelorette party for you and all your girls at Mister C Harties.

Contact the team at Mister C Harties today to book and confirm your event dates and details.

Tel: +27 65 843 5238


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