Fun filled December in Harties

Has that year-end feeling set in yet? Counting the days till you can shut off your computer and bid the office goodbye till next year? We hope you have an amazing break planned - full of adventures and new experiences to rejuvenate you for 2022. But if you still need some inspiration, we’ve got you! Travelling to the busy coast might seem a bit risky as the fourth wave looms large - so a quick break and a short drive from Gauteng is just the ticket for a fun-filled summer vacation.

Why go to Harties

Hartbeespoort Dam, or as the locals call it - Harties, is jam-packed with things to do. Harties is also perfect for people who love outdoor adventures. With everything from sailing on the dam, and interacting with wild animals right up to hot air ballooning - if you love getting out in nature and experiencing new things - Harties is the place for you. 

Mister C insider tip: Like any tourist town, Harties gets super buzzing over weekends - we recommend a midweek getaway to escape some of the weekend crowds and make getting around easier and quicker. 

Views from the Arial Cableway station in Harties

What to do in Harties

Where to begin! Lucky for you - you have a local guide in Mister C so let’s get cracking! Our first tip is to start your visit to Harties with a trip up the mountain with the Harties Arial Cableway. Kick-off your stay with panoramic views of the dam and surrounding area. An easy 1,2km paved trail leads you around at the top - so you can really soak in those 360 views.


Animal encounters in Harties:

If you love getting up close and personal with wild animals we recommend the following. At the Elephant Sanctuary, a guided tour will allow you to feed and walk with these gentle giants. A once in a lifetime experience to get that close to the big guys! If you prefer your animal encounters on a smaller scale try the Monkey Sanctuary. These mischievous little guys never fail to lift our spirits with their antics.

Harties Elephant Sanctuary

Outdoor adventures in Harties:

Harties is a haven for outdoor adventures. There are loads of activities to choose from in the area. To take some of the hassle out of searching and booking adventures, Mister C has negotiated some fun packages. Choose between horse riding, ziplining, a dam cruise or a self-guided safari included with your stay when you book a package deal


Hiking in Harties:

There is nothing like walking in nature to reset the mind after a hectic year. Try these hiking trails in the Harties area for fresh air and gorgeous nature. The Harties River Hiking trail has 3 hiking trails, consisting of a 6km easy, 8km intermediate and a brand new 10km intermediate route along the Crocodile River with breathtaking views.

The Van Gaalen cheese makery has an extensive network of trails suitable for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. You’ll find something for every fitness and skill level there! And the possibility of good cheese from the farm shop will inspire even the most reluctant hikers! Route maps, fees and rules can be found here.

MR.C rooms with a view

Where to stay in Harties

We are shocked you would even ask! At Mister C of course. If you are new here - Mister C offers a rare combination of luxury and playfulness that, combined with expansive views over the Hartbeespoort Dam, creates the perfect base from which to explore everything the area has to offer. We currently have an amazing mid-week special available. Book two days mid-week and stay for three! Available from 1 December 2021 till 31 December 2021 Book the special here.

So if you are feeling run down and tired after another hectic year - remember nothing recharges like nature! We hope this will inspire you to book your adventurous December stay in Harties immediately. 

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