Your Fantastic Fun-filled Party Venue in Hartbeespoort Dam

It is summertime. Summertime means party time. If you are looking for the perfect party venue in Hartbeespoort Dam, look no further. It is a venue with luxury accommodation and many games to play. 

Mister C Harties is your party venue to book this summer in Hartbeespoort Dam. Your Fantastic Fun-filled Party Venue in Hartbeespoort Dam is Mister C.

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Here are 6 Tips to help you plan your party at Mister C in Hartbeespoort dam.

1. Party venue in Hartbeespoort Dam

Choosing the perfect venue for your party is very important. It is the deciding factor for your party. A fun and private venue with games and pools will make your party memorable. To book your venue, talk to the venue team. A friendly and helpful team will help you plan every detail to host your party.



2. Hartbeespoort Dam party venue cost


Budget, everything depends on your budget. Make sure to list all your requirements when you talk to the venue team. The menu, drinks, accommodation and activities are important. Plan all your research to ensure that your budget will cover all your desired party details.


3. Hartbeespoort Dam party atmosphere

The atmosphere at your party venue will make your event fun and playful. Choose a venue that will suit your party theme and style. The decor is expensive and can cost a lot of extra money. The venue team can help create a playful atmosphere for your guests.

4. Hartbeespoort Dam party venue capacity

You need to check the capacity of the venue that you book for your birthday party. Plan all the details to ensure the venue will accommodate your guest list.

A venue with outdoor facilities in summer will offer fun and games for your party.

5. Hartbeespoort Dam party venue parking

Safe parking for your guests is essential. If the venue does not offer enough parking, rent shuttles or bus service. It is safer to arrange ubers or shuttles to avoid guests driving home at night.

6. Hartbeespoort Dam party venue location

The location of your party venue will decide how many of your guests can attend. Hartbeespoort Dam is the perfect party location close to Gauteng. Book your venue well ahead of your desired party date. It will ensure that you have enough time to invite your guests and receive RSVP'S.


What Mister C Harties offers you.

Mister C Harties venue

Mister C Harties is a private venue in Schoemansville. The venue offers two luxury private rooms with a view. You can also book neighbouring accommodation. The team will assist you to extra book neighbouring accommodation.


Mister C Harties Activities

Mister C Harties offers you two heated swimming pools with a dunking chair. You can swim during the day and night time. There are many outdoor games and activities to play when you book the venue.

Mister C Harties Games Room

Mister C Harties has a game room with vintage pinball and arcade games. The game room is open to you and your guests. It is fun and retro while you listen to rock and roll oldies playing.


Mister C Harties Bar and Menu

The Bar at Mister C offers all your favourite drinks. The cocktail menu is full of options to choose from for your party drinks.

You can arrange caterers or book the venue team to prepare a menu suited to your party.

To book your party in Hartbeespoort Dam, contact Mister C Harties team today.

Contact Mister C Harties.

Tel: +27 65 843 5238


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