Retro Fun Bachelor Party in Hartbeespoort Dam

Plan your Bachelor Party at Mister C in Hartbeespoort Dam.

The only part of a wedding where the man is the centre of attention is the bachelor party. Plan your bachelor party at Mister C in Hartbeespoort dam for a gaming and fun weekend away.

The event venue you choose is an essential part of your bachelor party night or weekend away. A bachelor party is a chance for a guy to get together with all his closest friends. It is a chance to say farewell to single life. If you choose to enjoy a night or a weekend away, book the right venue for your event. The ideal venue will host all your guests, offer activities and make it a fun experience.


Who throws a bachelor party? 

The best man plans the bachelor party and sends out the event invites and program. Plan the event on a weekend when the groom's friends and invitees are available. It is best practice to plan a bachelor party a month or two ahead of the wedding date. 

Bachelor party etiquette 

The groom will say how involved he wants to be with the bachelor party arrangements. Make it easy for the groom and plan the bachelor if you can. A wedding is stressful for everyone involved. The more pressure you take away from the groom, the better.

Planning a surprise bachelor weekend will be fun and exciting for the groom.


Who gets invited to a bachelor party? 

It is up to the groom or best man to decide. Often the bachelor party is only for the grooms closest friends and family. A big bachelor party can turn into a logistical problem. 

The best man and groom will plan the guest list to decide on the venue and activities to book.

Do you need to send formal invites for a Bachelor Party?

The formality of the bachelor party depends on each person and groups style. You can skip the formal invites and create an e-mail or WhatsApp group to communicate all the details.


Who pays for the bachelor party? 

With most invites, like other events, each person pays for himself. It all depends on the groom. Many men will sponsor the entire weekend, or if they can't, each person will pay their way. The best man will arrange a group deal. It will make it affordable for all the guests.

Here are 8 Tips to help you plan a Bachelor Party 


  • Determine the guest list. 

Plan the guest list to host everyone at the right venue.

  • Pick a location. 

Search for the best venue that will suit the bachelor party and guest list. If the venue offers activities and fun at the venue, it makes logistics effortless.

  • Figure out your date. 

Plan a weekend that will suit all your guests and the venue.

  • Book accommodations 

To book a stress-free bachelor party, ensure you have access to enough accommodation. If you book a smaller venue, book extra accommodation in the area.

  • Transport

Try to organize all the logistics to avoid anyone driving. Shuttles or a bus if everyone is in the same area is a good idea.

  • Weekend costs

Plan the weekend cost to ensure all your guests can afford the weekend away.

  • Plan your activities. 

Activities are fun and a great way to have a laugh during the day. Book some fun and games to enjoy a great summer bachelor weekend. Activities like golfing, watersports, a brewery tour or paintball can be adventurous.

Don't overdo the activity list. The groom will not enjoy a jam-packed schedule during the entire bachelor's party.

  • Plan the catering

Book a venue that serves the food you will enjoy. If the venue can cater for your event, it will make the planning easy. Ensure that there will be enough snacks for late-night and during the day to have a bite.

Make sure the bar at the venue stocks all your guest's favourite drinks for the weekend.


Bring out the kid in you at Mister C with fun and games.

If you are looking for an entertainment venue in Hartbeespoort Dam. Read through all the activities on offer at Mister C Harties. 

Go retro

If you love arcade games, Mister C offers a growing selection of arcade games to play. The retro pinball games will grab your attention while Elvis plays Rock n' Roll tunes.


All the games you want to play.

The entertainment area at Mister C offers many games for your guest list to play. You can choose between Ninja Stars, Darts, Nail & Hammer, Air Hockey and Table Tennis.

There is a lawn if you bring your cricket set for some outdoor fun.

The heated pools at Mister C Harties have a dunking chair, the best place for the groom to be.


For more details, contact the team at Mister C Harties. The team will assist you with your bachelor party planning.

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