Sunset Drive to Hartebeespoort Dam

On a Thursday, I wake up early and try to get work done as quickly as possible. I booked a weekend away at Mr. C Harties. There is a beautiful scenic drive to take to Hartebeespoort Dam from Krugersdorp. I have planned my day to leave enough time for a sunset drive. If you make your way onto the N14 towards Krugersdorp, which becomes the R28 for the last stretch, make a right turn into Commissioner street and then turn right onto the R563. The road offers a scenic drive up the hills and down the valleys with breathtaking views of the Magaliesberg. It takes less than an hour to drive with enough quaint places to stop for a drink on the way. It is the closest scenic road trip route around Joburg and Pretoria, ending at Hartebeespoort Dam. 

If you are a car or bike enthusiast, this is the ideal stretch of road to cruise into the sunset on your way to Harties. As you make your way through the corners and valleys, the views are spectacular as the Magaliesberg fills the horizon. From the R563, you take a right turn onto the R400, which becomes the R3. Take a left turn onto the R511, which will wind its way down into the Hartebeespoort Dam valley. 

It is a quick scenic drive suited to dust off your classic or modern car or bike cruising along towards Harties for a night out of town. When you arrive at Mr. C, there is gated parking to park your car or bike for the night. If you arrive at 5 pm ready for sunset, the beers and wines will be cold, and the bar stocked with options to order. Step out onto the deck with the warm spring sun on your cheeks, watching the clouds turn orange and into pink before the sun dips behind the mountain. The fire lights up, your room is ready, and the city feels miles away after an hour's drive out of the city metropolis. The party can get started, or you can retreat for a quiet night after dinner.  The music plays, the pinball machines illuminate the evening, and the drinks flow. 

It is quiet, birds chirp, mountain animals can be heard in the distance as the wood on the fire breaks in two. After a nightcap, the night air is fresh, ready for a well-deserved night of sleep. Tomorrow morning after a long lazy breakfast, dust off the car or bike and take a drive onto the windy road leading you through the tunnel, onto the old bridge, and on your way to the open road for shopping and lunch in the countryside. The Magaliesberg hides the dam behind you driving on Scott street, which will lead you onto the R104, opening up the road towards various shopping, and activity options. If it is too early for shopping and booking an activity cruise along the R104 for a road trip. There are many culinary options to stop by for lunch or drinks on your way. 

After a day of open road driving, head back to Harties. There are many local watering holes for a night on the town while being chauffeured around. Harties has burger bars, Rock n' Roll bars, and breweries to stop for a drink. If the jiving night grooves are not your thing, book a table at a more romantic restaurant or settle in for a second night to enjoy the hospitality and views at Mr. C.

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