The best place to stay in Harties called Mr C.

Here is the Best place to stay in Harties called Mr C.

To claim that Mr C is the best place to stay in Harties is bold. Here are the eight reasons why you might agree with this bold claim.

1.  The best Sex on the Beach Cocktails in Harties
A drink a day is a good idea. It makes you happy, relaxed and takes the edge off a long day. At Mr C you can choose between nineteen cocktails, two of them are non-alcoholic.

If you are someone who enjoys a stiff drink, the cocktail list will colour your tastebuds. You can order Sex on the beach, a Strawberry Daiquiri or go for a Cosmopolitan on the deck. You can drink Old Fashioned, Shaken Martinis or a Don Pedro after dinner. There is a cocktail ready for you at Mr C bar.

The well-stocked bar has your drink ready to serve by friendly staff.

2.  The best Barbecue Meal in Harties
Sip on a Martini with your feet in the pool. Order the Traditional braai meal cooked on the fire. The meal consists of a succulent lamb chop, boerewors and Tender fire-cooked sirloin. 

The side includes chips and a greek salad paired with a South African glass of wine. The traditional braai experience is the best seller at Mr C.

3.  The best Heated Swimming pool in Harties
The heated rim-flow swimming pool overlooks the beautiful Hartebeespoort Dam. Dip your toes into the lukewarm water and float weightlessly in the crisp, clear swimming pool in the morning, daytime or night time.

At night time the lights on the opposite hill flicker and shine from the pool.

4.The best view of Hartebeespoort Dam
Mr C is on the Schoemansville hillside overlooking the Hartebeespoort Dam. The view is spectacular. You can enjoy the view from the bar, the pool, your room, the private balcony and while you sip drinks on the deck. 

The afternoon sunsets over the Magaliesberg hills and the dam, colouring the clouds into twilight time.

5.  The best Pinball Games in Harties
The unique selection of retro Pinball machines will excite your game playing spirit. Step back into the retro era of Dracula and Rock n' roll oldies while you try your hand at a game of Pinball.

Rock the night away with Johhny Cash and Elvis tunes. There are loads more exciting games to play when you book at Mr C.

6.  The best Water and Flying Activities in Harties
If you love sailing away into the sunset or viewing the sunrise from a Hot air balloon flight, Mr C has the right activity package to suit you. The beautiful animal sanctuaries are mesmerizing. You can choose many craft breweries, restaurants and bars to visit in Harties. The golf courses in Harties are excellent and picturesque. Visit the craft markets for original curio and art shopping.

Book your activity in Harties at Mr C.

7.  The best accommodation in Harties, Your Luxury Room
You have a spacious, comfortable luxury suite with spectacular views overlooking the Hartbeespoort Dam.

  • Private Balcony
  • King Size Bed
  • Kettel & Coffee / Tea making facilities
  • Minibar
  • Air Conditioning
  • Free Wifi
  • Television

If you are a night owl, the minibar has treats and nightcaps. Enjoy the luxury of the water breeze onto your private balcony while lying on the Kingsize bed overlooking the water.

8.  The best Spa Sessions in Harties
Choose between three tailored spa packages at Mr C.
90 Minutes Session

  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Pressure Point Foot Massage
  • Head Massage

2 Hour Session 

  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Pressure Point Foot Massage
  • Head Massage

Deluxe Bliss Package 

  • Head, Shoulder and Neck Massage (seated)
  • Hand Soak, Exfoliation followed by Mask and Hand Massage (seated)
  • Foot Soak, Exfoliation followed by Mask and Foot Massage or Pressure Point Foot Massage (seated)

Book your stay today at Mr C, and choose if Mr C is the best place to stay in Harties. Visit all the website content pages and social media posts.

Ps. Your stay will excite you to book again. If you book today, you can book the February special.

For more information, Contact Mr C.
Tel: +27 65 843 5238

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