The Elephant Sanctuary in Hartebeespoort Dam

A few days out of the city means one thing, relaxing. Booking your trip with Mr. C Harties will ensure a relaxing breakaway. The accommodation is luxuriously comfortable, and the staff is friendly and attentive, taking care of your specific orders. Early morning swims before breakfast as the sun rises in the east, shining light over the pool. Sit down for long lazy breakfasts on the pool deck as the birds and animal noises ad a smile to your morning. After another swim, stretch out on a sun lounger to enjoy a beautiful day by the pool. Light lunch options are available with a refreshing drink from the bar. After a rejuvenating day reading and lazing by the pool, get ready for a sunset barbecue with music and pinball games played into the late hours of the night.

After a day of relaxing at Mr. C Harties, it is time to venture out to the Elephant sanctuary. Driving from Mr. C Harties, it is approximately an eight kilometres drive that meanders around the Hartebeespoort Dam, over the iconic dam wall, and into the bushveld towards the sanctuary. The scenic drive will take approximately fifteen minutes from Mr. C Harties to the entrance to the Elephant Sanctuary.

Hartebeespoortdam Elephant Sanctuary offers an intimate experience with relaxed elephants in the bush assisted by professional guides. The elephant interaction program is open daily from eight until ten each morning and after lunch from two in the afternoon. You walk on foot through the sanctuary, guided into the bushveld environment. The guides share information regarding the bushveld and the elephants in their natural surroundings. The guides have a feeding area in the bush where the elephants eat out of your hand. This open bush is beautiful to capture picture moments interacting with the elephant.

The elephants will signal when they have had enough interaction and turn their backs on you walking into the bush. Walk down to another area where the guides will allow you to walk alongside the elephants holding their trunks. The open feeding area is a beautiful natural environment to capture pictures of the elephant walks.

The guides will lead you into a forest area, over a wooden bridge into an open forest area situated under magnificent giant old trees to capture photos with the posing elephants.  You will have the opportunity once again to feed the elephants and brush them down, assisted by a professional guide. The elephants are majestic and beautiful as the early morning sun shines through the trees onto the incredible animals.

The guides will share insightful facts about elephants. Elephants sleep only three to four hours a day and often take short naps standing upright. Elephants feed for eighteen to twenty hours per day, walking around, searching for food and water. One of the fascinating facts is that elephants memory surpasses that of humans. The guides will share incredible facts about elephants. 

The sanctuary offers conference rooms and boardroom facilities for a workday out of the office, in the bush. There is a wine cellar on the property and an event hall for functions. You will need to make a reservation in advance before your elephant walk. For more information, visit the Elephant Sanctuary website.

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