Three odd but fun things to do in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Three odd but fun things to do in Hartbeespoort Dam.


The highveld thunder and rainstorms are pouring down in the North. It is humid every day, leading to a build-up of thunder on the mountain in the Magaliesberg. The roads snake around the dam in the wet and overcast summer rain. On your way to Mr. C Harties, the bush is green and lush from all the summer rain. If you drive over the dam wall, the water is streaming through the sluice gates into the river winding into the valley.

Rain or no rain, you can have fun at Mr. C Harties. The pool is heated, making an overcast swim a pleasure. If you are adventurous, there is a pool dunk chair to challenge a friend to target throwing and liven up your event and visit to Mr. c Harties with a pool splash. It is summer. It was an intense year, and it is time to have some fun in the sun.

In this post, I will discuss three odd but fun things to do in Hartbeespoort Dam when you book into Mr. C Harties.

1. Upside Down House

The upside-down house is a twenty-five-minute drive from Mr. C Harties in the direction of The Cradle of Humankind. It is a scenic drive meandering around the dam and the Magaliesberg. The Upsidedown house is build upside down. It is a unique and odd experience to walk into a property that is build upside down. The furniture and all amenities are build upside down. The house is on an angle that contributes to the illusion and experience one has when entering the house. It is a fun visual experience allowing for memorable photos. There is a takeaway kiosk to buy refreshments and a sandwich while you sit and wonder, looking at the upside-down world in front of you. It is something out of the ordinary.

2. Visual Storm Photobooth

If you are in the mood to capture a few more fun moments to end this year on a positive note, the visual storm booth photo session is the right studio to visit in Hartebeespoort Dam. The Visual Storm Vintage Photobooth is at the charming French Toast Café in Hartbeespoort Dam. It is a chance to snap a few fun memories. Any portrait or event is welcome from an engagement, a family reunion, or year-end functions.
It is a chance to get dressed up in vintage clothing, available for all ages and sizes, to capture photos against the backdrop of a French wall. Create a vintage story with an old camera and vintage props. There are various print options to choose from to print the photos you choose.

3. Pretville

A day of odd experiences will lead you to visit the Pretville film set in Hartebeespoort Dam. Step into the colorful world of a 50's set designed to transport you to be part of diners and milkshakes while listening to Elvis rocking on. The milkshakes pop with color, and the music playing is old-school rock n' roll while you wander through the vintage set. There is a retro photobooth to get dressed up and get into 50's character in the colorful town with classic cars. You can drop-in for a visit or book for an event or photo session in advance.

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