Two seafood restaurants to visit in Harties when staying at Mr. C Harties.

Booking into Mr. C Harties in Hartebeespoort Dam brings the excitement of a small road trip and a weekend or a few days out of the City. The one thing you don't expect to have in meat country is an abundance of seafood. Gauteng and the Northern provinces are well known to deliver exceptional quality meat produce. The farms in the area are known to produce a hundred percent organic grass-fed beef, delivering top quality meat to the consumer. Organic Beef is delicious and will contribute to a healthy future, creating healthy living soils, lush pastures, happy animals, and vibrant people. Healthy cows eat grass in natural grassy fields with a lot of sunshine and spring water. In Gauteng, we can buy the best meat in the country with all cuts and variations to buy. If you are a meat connoisseur, Wagu Beef will be on your shopping list. Wagyu Beef is meat with small, finely interspersed specks of fat called marbling. The marbling is subtle and consistent. If prepared correctly, it bastes the steak from its interior to ensure juiciness and depth of flavor. Marbling is the most reliable component of meat taste and tenderness.  Meat on the braai at Mr. C Harties is a treat to enjoy at sunset time overlooking the Hartebeespoort Dam from the fireplace on the balcony. 


It is natural to be skeptical about the quality of seafood in Gauteng. We don't live close to the ocean, so the seafood has to be transported fresh to retain the unique flavors and seafood taste. There are two seafood restaurants listed on Mr. C Harties website to recommend to guests booked in to stay overnight or for a day visit.


1 DevetteMossel 

DevetteMossel offers a west coast seafood experience in the heart of Gauteng in Harties. They pride themselves serving top seafood prepared in the traditional west coast style in a relaxed barefoot beach-type environment. The menu is a rolling buffet of seven courses that consists of thirteen dishes served from an open fire. The catch of the day, calamari, and prawns is seasonally available. The setting and crockery are rustic. You eat with a mussel shell to make the experience feel like seafood on the beach. The menu consists of mussel meat with onion, garlic, and farm butter, mussels in half shell steamed in white wine. West Coast snoek prepared on the open fire followed by a seafood pot with four types of fish. A meat pot is available for the meat lovers. The dessert menu offers fresh fruit followed by coffee and koeksisters to round the experience of traditional culinary treats. Book in advance to secure your table close to the cooking action. Enjoy easy-drinking wine barefoot in the sand with a relaxed beach feeling.


2 Caravel Portuguese Restaurant

Caravela is a traditional Portuguese style seafood restaurant offering a variety of seafood dishes. Caravela offers combo dishes to dip into a variety of seafood, or you can order specific seafood dishes on the menu. Look out for the catch of the day. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and frequent Harties visitors, catering for families, kids, and all visitors. The atmosphere is relaxed with a full wine list and drinks menu to soothe your thirst in the summer heat. The prawns are a must-order to enjoy in a Portuguese flavored style.


Book into Mr. C Harties for a city break away and enjoy the culinary experience offered on the doorstep of Mr. C Harties. 

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