A bottle of Red wine, a tasty platter in the wine cellar and vintage fun and games in Hartebeespoort Dam

You made it to the coldest July to remember. Maybe not that extreme, but it is cold. Winter hands, winter feet and a winter mood need something warm. The sun hides behind the mountain. It's time to bring in the logs. 

Building a fire is a personal thing, a lot like the way you braai. There is more than one rule, and it is rarely a good idea to interfere with another man or women's fire. Yes, women make good fires. Many female chefs have mastered the art of fire-cooking. Maybe Mr C Harties should have a male and female team building fires to see who wins.

At Mr C Harties, you can be a fire voyeur. The staff will do the packing and lighting. You can make sure there are logs on the fire for the braai and the sunset heat. You can also make sure to pop your red wine of choice by the fireplace. Nothing pairs better in winter than red wine and a wood fire.

There is more than one drink to taste.

What red wine should you choose?

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a dry red wine with berry coloured juice from the black grape berries. You will pick up aromas of dark fruits like plum, black cherry and blackberry, warm spice, vanilla, liquorice, and black pepper. On the nose, you smell scents of tobacco and spice.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium to full-bodied wine with notes of black cherries, green pepper, spice and notes of vanilla from oak ageing.

Cabernet Sauvignon food pairing is best with nearly all red meat, including barbecued meat. 


Merlot is a dark wine grape variety used as both a blending grape and varietal wine. The name Merlot originates from Merle, the French name for the blackbird, a reference to the colour of the grape.

Merlot is a dry red wine. A Merlot wine tastes like cherries and chocolate. It has soft tannins and is an easy-drinking, versatile red wine that goes well with almost any food. You can drink Merlot with a pizza, pasta dish, or a juicy burger and barbecue meat.


Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a dark-skinned grape variety red wine. Syrah is a fruit-forward wine. It's known for its intense blueberry and blackberry fruit flavours, with savoury notes, such as black pepper, tobacco, and spice.

Shiraz pair well with hearty red meats, thick stews, juicy steaks and wild game meats. It is the perfect wine for hearty winter dishes. The red wine is typically bold and full-bodied, with aromas of smoke, black fruit and pepper spice. 

Enjoy your Shiraz by the fire with succulent barbecue cooked meat.


Mourvèdre is a red wine grape variety grown in many regions worldwide, including the Rhône and the Swartland region in South Africa.

Mourvedre is a meaty and full-bodied red wine with hints of dark fruit, violet flowers and aromas of black pepper, thyme, and red meat. The red wine varietal can have a gamey taste.

Mourvedre is the perfect wine for slow-braised, grilled and stewed meats with its deep, rich, fresh, spicy character. Mourvedre is also excellent served with lamb, grilled meats, game meats, veal, duck, pork, and beef.

Bordeaux Blend Red Wine

A Bordeaux red blend usually combines two or more of the classic Bordeaux varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. 

Bordeaux reds are medium to full-bodied red wines with bold aromas of black currant, plums and an earthy nose with hints of wet soil. Depending on the quality, vintage, and region of the red blend, the fruit flavours range from more tart fruit to sweeter ripe fruit.

Full-bodied Bordeaux red blends pair excellently with spicier, saltier, fattier meats like steaks and lamb meat. On the other hand, Lighter Bordeaux red wines pair best with more savoury or leaner meats, such as duck and pork. Barbecue meat with a juicy marinade is the perfect combination.

Rhone Red Blend

A traditional Rhone red blend consist of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes. The three grapes pair well in warm climate wine regions like the Swartland in South Africa.

How does a Rhône red wine blend taste? Full-bodied Rhône red blends are big, bold, spicy wines. Lighter style Rhône red blends have rounded warm, red ripe fruit flavours. 

You can pair a red Rhone blend with venison, lamb, and goat. Beef, pork, and chicken on the fire is a delicious pairing with a red Rhone blend.


Any red wine you choose to open will pair well with the smokey flavours and fire-grilled braai meat at Mr C Harties.

It is a mix of tastes and flavours.

The menu. 

There is a fire which means barbecued meat. Tasty flame-grilled and flavoured barbecue is on the menu. It is called the braai meal.

You can also choose a hearty pasta dish or between two chicken dishes to complement your red wine.

It is all yours.

There is a room prepared for you. It has a water view, a private balcony and a kingsize bed. It is private and tucked away for a cosy winter snuggle.

You can have coffee in your room and even enjoy your sunset on your balcony with bubbly or your drink of choice.


Vintage fun

Tunes inspire you to create and have fun. Memories start with vintage songs and a boogie move. Let your feet start tapping and move into a smooth groove.

The sounds of the sixties and seventies play at Mr C, taking you back with the lyrics of Elvis and Johhny Cash. If you prefer more modern music, you can ask to select songs at the bar.

Tunes and games

Fun and games with retro and 80's fun. When last did you book a weekend away to find yourself playing pinball? Pinball machines are rare. At Mr C Harties, you have a selection of retro Pinball machines and eighties arcade games to entertain you.

Moving around while playing games will keep you warm. You can play darts with your drink in hand or try your hand at table tennis. It will get your body moving and test your coordination skills.

There are plenty of games to play at Mr C Harties. Fun and games are the mottoes at Mr C Harties.


Make new memories.

To make new weekend memories with a view, a fireplace, a wine cellar, your luxury room and all the games you can think of, you can call Mr C Harties today or send an e-mail to book.

Contact Mr C Harties to make new memories.

Tel: +27 65 843 5238
E-mail: info@misterc.co.za

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