One night saved them.

Are you sick and tired of arguments? 

Are you stressed and frustrated? 

The life of couples and parents is full of challenges. The Covid restrictions and the slow economy is draining. Everyone is in the same house every day.

You get caught up in the day to day grind. Work and errands take all your focus. Time goes by, and one day you find yourself waking up next to a stranger.


Stress, Arguments and Frustration

Have you've ever tried to have a serious conversation in your house with two children? It's as if they understand your pain. 

Or the two of you after a long hard day? You'll know how impossible it can be. 

The more stressful your conversation, the more demanding your kids become. The more serious your discussion, the more frustrated you as a couple become.

Until one day, you and your partner find yourselves in a shouting match. That is the point where a calm conversation seems impossible. The situation is out of control. You are strangers unconnected in the same house.

You need a solution.

There is a solution to get rid of your frustrations. 

It can be simple. There is no need to over-plan or overpay. 

A therapist is expensive but valuable. But, there are more fun ways to spend your money. 

You can get away. Book one night with games, drinks, and a luxury room with a view. A place where the two of you can connect.


Date night

Research suggests that couples are 14% less likely to split up if they go on regular date nights. Lucky for most, one date night a month is enough. You don't have to go often.

A romantic night could be the solution you need. You need to work on your relationship as hard as you work on your career. 





Oh yes, you can reconnect.




Yes, it always works.

Your kids and relationship are important, but you also need time together. Quality couple time will allow you to take a moment. You need space to relax. 

A couple of hours of fun and games will allow you to talk about light topics. Enjoy a night swim and a glass of wine by the pool. Intense topics like kids, jobs, income, and debt will feel approachable again.

Do what suits you. Find something that you both enjoy. The retro pinball and arcade games are fun. Enjoy your spacious luxury room where you can reconnect. Sleep late and read a few pages of your new book.

A couple booked one night out of town that changed their life and relationship forever.

One night could save your relationship.

Sounds dramatic? Many couples can relate.

So this is where date night comes in. Make the time and plan one night away. Book a babysitter and allow your relationship quality time.

It is necessary. 

Quality time together will enhance your friendship. Time to relax will improve your relationship. You need time without your kids, friends and parents.


Can date night save your relationship? 

Yes, quality time together is crucial to meaningful communication. A date night can improve your connection. Romantic moments away are relaxing and can help to restore your bond.

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