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Read four needful things to know about the Lion and Safari Park.

               1.How Far is the Lion Park from Johannesburg?

               2.What attractions are at the Lion and Safari Park?

               3.About the Lion and Safari Park.

               4.How much is the Lion Park entrance fee?

How Far is the Lion Park from Johannesburg?

The Lion and Safari Park is approximately 44 km from Johannesburg. It is an hour drive.

The Lion AND Safari Park is a 26 min (23,6 km) drive via R511 and R104 from Mr C Harties to the Lion and Safari Park.

What attractions are at the Lion and Safari Park?

You booked to drive your vehicle on your own time through the Lion, wild dog, and cheetah enclosures. You will also have access to an extended game drive to view the antelope, Hyena and other species.

You can book several more options at the Lion and Safari park if you want to book a Predator tour, A predator safari tour or a full safari tour. You can also book an extra private tour, a sunset tour, guided bush walks, Giraffe feed or an Alex tour with the famous Lion trainer, Alex Lantry.

About the Lion and Safari Park

The Lion and Safari Park is a must-see for animal lovers.
The Lion Park is in the Cradle of Humankind, a memorable experience for all ages. The Park offers many activities. You can self-drive or book guided tours that will lead you close to the animals. You will have the opportunity to hand feed giraffes, ostriches and various antelope species roaming the six hundred hectare property. You can enjoy a drink at the bar or restaurant overlooking the animals in the wetlands.

The Lion & Safari Park inhabits Lions, Brown and White, Cheetah, Hyenas, brown, spotted and striped. You can see Leopards, including the black leopard, wild dogs, sable antelope, kudu and various other antelope species.

The three-hour Safari is the flagship tour that includes snacks and drinks on the Crocodile river bank. Alex Larenty will entertain you with a fun and edgy experience interacting with grown lions.

If you book the self-drive tour, your route will guide you through the Lion, wild dog and hyena enclosures. 

The Park is also a paradise for children with a designed playground.

If you feel hungry after your drive, the Bull ‘n Buck grill provides a quality dining experience with a complete wine list and delicious menu options. The speciality is venison, a true African delicacy. After a drink or lunch, you can walk from the restaurants to visit the meerkat, porcupine and mongoose enclosures.
There are shops and a photography studio to buy curious and photo memories.

How much is the Lion Park entrance fee?

You can book the Mr C activity package that includes all of the following listed items for a spoiled stay and a day at the Lion and Safari Park.

Mr C Activity Package - R9 900
INCLUDED: 2 Night Stay for 2 Adults only
1 Hour Full Body Massage & 30 Min Sauna
2 x Breakfast for 2
2 x Dinner for 2
Self Drive Game Drive 2 x Adults only.
Monday to Friday 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays 08:00 – 18:00
Full-Day Access
Additional costs:
Extra Persons & Kids charged at an
additional cost.
T’s & C’s apply

Why not contact Mr C Harties today to book this one of a kind African bush package staying at Mr C and enjoying a day viewing wild animals.

You can book now if you contact Mr C at Tel: +27 65 843 5238 or send an E-mail:

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