Pet Friendly easter weekend getaway at Mr C in Hartebeespoortdam.

Are you looking for a pet-friendly easter getaway spot just one hour out of Gauteng metros? Harties is a quick drive from Pretoria and Joburg with many activities and places to relax. 

What if you want to take your pet along for a weekend drive or stay over?

Any weekend away or a drive out of town can quickly turn stressful if you want to take your pet along. There are so many unknowns. Will the place you book into accept your pet, will the sites allow your pet in, and how do you make it a comfortable travel experience?

It is almost the weekend. You have booked a cosy room in the heart of Hartbeespoort dam. The town on a long weekend is bustling. There are so many places to visit and so many things on your to-do list. You are packed and ready to, your pet is cared for and standing beside your car panting to jump onto the car seat. You open the door, and your pet jumps in, settles in with an excited and happy face. It is time to take a weekend drive.

You are excited and ready for a weekend break. You booked into Mr C Harties for the weekend. Mr C is pet friendly. The room you booked is spacious, and there is a big garden for your pet to sniff around. You heard that Coco, the resident dog, is friendly and always happy to meet new people and pets. It is a comforting feeling as a pet lover to take your pet along for the weekend.

You found Mr C searching for pet-friendly places to book online. 

Pet-friendly places in Harties
Mr C offers pet-friendly accommodation. There is just one essential aspect to keep in mind. Your pet will share your stay with Coco. Coco is the resident dog, friendly, loving and super well-trained. Coco is always happy to receive your affection, will say hello but will leave you to relax while keeping an eye on his home.

Coco, the resident dog, is a Wire Fox Terrier.

Wire Fox Terriers are active who loves to run and play. They are great family pets and very good and friendly with young children. He knows his routine and will be friendly and interested to meet you on arrival.

Tips for Transporting or Traveling With Your Pet
What is the best way to travel with a dog in a car?

The safest way for your pet to travel is in a carrier.
 Strap the carrier to the seat with a seatbelt. If your pet is in the back of your SUV or open hatchback, anchor the pet carrier. Choose a pet carrier large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Always travel with your pets favourite food, a water bowl and enough water. If you need to make a pitstop, stop at fuel stations and keep your pet on a leash. Never leave your pet unattended in a hot car. Make sure there is sufficient airflow during your travel.

How to Include Your Dog in Your Easter Celebration

  • Make sure your dog is on a leash and friendly to interact with other pets and people.
  • Pack in all your pets favourite food and treats.
  • Be careful that your dog does not eat any bones or things that might drop to the floor.
  • Make sure your pet feels safe in the places you visit. Loud noises and music can cause pet anxiety.
  • If there is a garden, plan a doggy treat hunt for your pet.
  • Avoid feeding your pet sweets and chocolate. Sugar is not a healthy treat for pets.

Pet-friendly restaurants in Harties

If you are staying at Mr C Harties and want a day out in Harties, there are many excellent restaurants to visit that are pet- friendly.

A few of the favourite restaurants to visit that are pet-friendly are Caravela Portuguese restaurant, Mulligans. Pub & restaurant, Laurentina restaurant, Silver Orange bistro, De Vette Mossel, Windmeul wafelhuis and many more. Most restaurants put out a water bowl for pets. 

The laid back town has a friendly attitude towards visitors with pets.

To book a wonderful pet-friendly weekend in Harties, contact the loving pet staff at Mr C Harties to book your weekend away today.

Contact Mr C Harties
Tel: +27 65 843 5238


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