Creative days at Mr. C in Harties

It is in the middle of August we are all dead tired of the current lockdown. In this tough economic time, we are not allowed a drink or a cigarette, the frustration is mounting, as South Africans grow weary of 2020. What a year, did it even start. It feels like months of lockdown working in slow go mode, trying to keep it all floating and moving along. South Africans are creative, and creativity has been the rescue vice of this COVID year.


Cruising on the highway as I leave the City behind. The open road free flows stretched out and fast without going over 100 kilometers per hour. Harties is an easy drive out of Pretoria or Sandton are. There are scenic routes and quick highways to drive to Harties. If you are driving from Sandton, the beautiful scenic route takes you over the hills and through the valleys as you make your way towards a full view of the Dam. Once you drive into the greater Harties are you start to feel the weekend spirit with taverns and activity boards lined up advertising their services. There are many restaurants to choose from for lunch and dinner. The list of activities available on offer around the Dam is endless. 


I am driving toward the old part of Hartebeespoort Dam called Schoemanville. Schoemansville is the old Harties suburb up on the hill overlooking the Dam in the direction of Sandton. I arrive at Mr. C. I step into the redesigned house, passing by the bar towards my room. The room is spacious with luxury and simplicity, nothing over-complicated but elegantly styled, looking out towards the water. It is a dry winter, but the bushes and plants are lush with greenery. I take a seat on my room's balcony sipping on Ice tea. It is quiet up on the hill, the water is calm, and the neighborhood is quiet. This view is ideal to settle in with my laptop to catch up on a few e-mails before I kick back for the night.


I can smell the wood fire burning, the sound of wood on the fire soothes me into the sunset. Tonight I will enjoy a barbecue, traditional South African quality meat on the braai. I escaped from my house for a night.  Tomorrow I will have a full workday away from home. I will work on a proposal and get stuck into a mountain of writing work. There will be no zoom calls, and my phone is switched to silent, as are all the application notifications. Mr. C offers fast WiFi and a quiet environment to work creatively out of the office. The staff is available but leave you to be while working. After four months of working from home, it was time to book a night away and gain a fresh perspective. 


The pool is heated, a sunrise swim will be fresh, but there is no better way to start a thinking day. A morning swim improves circulation, boosts your immune system, and kicks you into the day with a natural high. Strong coffee with a traditional breakfast will set me up to make good headway into my work. Mornings in Harties is quiet. I can hear many bird noises echoing all around. With my coffee in hand, I look at the traffic flowing over the hills heading towards Joburg.  I feel rejuvenated, time out, and away from my regular office environment.  I booked a full body massage for lunch, after the massage I will enjoy a light lunch by the pool before finishing my work.


Sometimes all you need is one day away to recharge. Book a night, and a workday at Mr. c to refresh your spirit and mood. We all need a lot of tender care after the extended lockdown to flair up positive ideas. Mr. C caters to families and small workgroups, let the magic of the water flow inspire your time in Harties.

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