MR C Property in Hartebeespoort Dam

Mr. C is situated on the hill in Schoemansville in Hartebeespoort Dam. 
The area is better known as Harties. Hartebeespoort Dam is a resort town in the North West Province approximately an hour's drive from Pretoria and just over an hour from Sandton. The Hartebeespoort means getaway of the Hartbeest, a species of South African antelope. The area is home to various residential homes, estates, and weekend homes. Hartbeespoort is a popular weekend getaway to people working in Gauteng.

Hartebeespoort Dam's original name was Sophia Dam, in the valley between the Magalies Mountain and Witwatersrand, built in the year 1898.  
Sophia Dam wall washed away due to miscalculations in the original design. The rebuild Dam wall, designed by engineer FW Scott, was completed in 1921. The arch on the Hartbeespoort Dam wall is built similar to a Roman victory arch, with a resemblance to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The shape repeats in the dam wall. The dam wall is 149.5 meters long and 59.4 meters high, built across a gorge cutting through the Magaliesberg. The Crocodile River and the Magalies River flows into the Dam.

Hartbeespoort Dam offers many activities, restaurants, and markets to attend on weekends. One of the favorite restaurants to stop by for a delicious seafood lunch is Caravela Restaurant, on the corner of Stradivarius street and the R511. A taste of Portugal, fantastic prawns, mixed seafood, and steaks all served by friendly staff. Driving up the hill towards Schoemansville with the majestic Magaliesberg range in the background, the Arial cableway cars make their way up the mountain. 
On the windy road towards the tunnel, you pass the Yacht club, Aquarium, and the Snake Park. Through the tunnel, underneath the arch and over the Dam wall driving through the overgrown trees, the Welwitschia Country Market is buzzing with traders and tourists. There are beautiful African masks and sculptures, drums, and various hand made crafts and arts to buy. 

The highly recommended Elephant Sanctuary and Monkey Sanctuary sits perched against the Magaliesberg hills. The Elephants and monkeys are all saved from hostile habitats and owners enjoying a new life of freedom and care in the beautiful sanctuary. If you are adventurous, Harties horse trail safaris offer daily horse rides on scenic trails. For the extremely adventurous traveler, Hot air ballooning in Hartebeespoort valley in the calm sunrise air will be the closest to heaven you can be on your weekend away sipping champagne.

At Mr. C's property, there are four double rooms, two downstairs rooms, and two upstairs. The two downstairs rooms offer designer sleeper couches for kids. The rooms all have a spectacular view over the Dam in the distance. The rim-flow pool is heated, there are few things more refreshing and calming than morning swims, to start the day. The blue bar with the kind staff will look after you offering all available drinks and cocktails allowed during the lockdown. There is wifi, perfect to work away from home with a view on a daybed next to the pool. In the afternoon, the fire is lit, ready for a barbecue. Nothing beats the scent of a wood fire sipping on a drink into the sunset.

The star attraction at Mr. C is the collection of pinball machines. The night starts playing pinball listening to rock n' roll oldies. Colorful gaming playful 50's flashing lights as the evening lights reflect over the Dam water. The property is a combination of luxury and playfulness with a selection of activities ranging from calming to nightlife thrill for the young at heart.

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