Five top tips for booking a luxury weekend away in Harties.

I will list five top tips for booking a luxury weekend away in Harties in this post.

Travelling is enriching. I am sure COVID will be with us for a while, but I am also sure that we are learning how to cope with Covid. With the right planning and some caution, we can travel. Travelling is all about living life to the fullest. A quick weekend away ads to our confidence and allows creativity to flourish. Escape your daily environment to enrich your life and spend time with valuable rest and activities. 

1. Choose the right destination.
Avoid busy places. Choosing a quiet place to stay will make the experience safe and peaceful. A Covid ready venue will ensure a healthy and clean environment to relax in. A weekend venue with fewer rooms will be a desirable destination to book. The last thing you need is a rowdy crowd next door. One of the best ways to choose a weekend venue is to book something a little less known. There are many new venues to discover offering value. Choose a destination where you can reconnect with nature. Search for a weekend venue surrounded by nature and tranquillity. The travellers who book a weekend at the venue will be like-minded searching for a calm weekend away.

2. Safety first.
Consider booking hotels that offer access to a medical professional. If you are adventurous, it will be useful to know that there will be medical care if anything should happen. Mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, skiing and all outdoor activities can be daring. If you book an activity, make sure that the team is professional and can assist with all the possible situations. 

3. Don’t miss a great opportunity.

In times of uncertainty, weekend venues tend to offer deals. Businesses are trying to catch consumers’ attention with special weekend offers. It is a perfect time to travel out of season. Many venues promote two or three-night packages with drinks and breakfast specials included. When you book a weekend away, search the website for exclusive offers. If the management can provide you with expert guidance and timely assistance, you know the deal is worth it. A small venue will focus on detail and personal attention. 

4.Get Local Recommendations

The thing to do is research, research, and research. Get an idea about what you want to do, but stay flexible and ask the locals for advice. 
Staying in beautiful accommodation and dining out for fresh, local food will enhance your getaway. The locals will share tips to book at the best restaurants and scenic places to visit. Planning is crucial but also be open to going with the flow. Spontaneous adventures add spice and fun to a weekend away. 

5.Make the Most of Your Time

If the hotel or guest house offers massages, book right away. There a few things more rejuvenating than a massage next to the pool or under the trees. A massage nap is the best way to start your weekend. Get up early, stretch, swim, read or go for a relaxing walk to be present. Plan your weekend activities between ample rest and adventure. After a day of relaxation, order a sunset cocktail while you float in the pool. As the sun sets, sit by the bush fire watching the flames dance into the night. Listen to animal noises or appreciate the quiet. 

Mr C Harties invites guests to enjoy all the inhouse activities, lounging by the pool, reading in the shade or retreating to your room. The menu offers a variety of local dishes. The cocktail list is colourful and inviting. There are good recommendations for local restaurants to visit. The list of activities available around Harties is endless. The staff are attentive and friendly, allowing you to settle into a refreshing weekend away. 

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