Book two nights of soothing calm detox tranquility in Harties at Mr C.

A peaceful detox weekend, drinking green smoothies, herbal tea, receiving massages, taking morning swims and a view across the dam at Mr C.

Last nights swim at Mr C was incredible. The pool water at night is lukewarm and soothing. You can hear the sounds of animals echoing in the distant hills. The animal parks surround the Schoemansville area in Hartebeespoort dam. Some sounds make you turn back to shallow water. It is a symphony of animal sounds at night. Baboons are running wild in the Magaliesberg hills. You step out of the pool and get back into the steamy sauna. The night winds are dry and warm. After a fifteen-minute sauna session, you step into pool floating on the water surface toward the edge. The night lights flash in the pale moonlight. You close your eyes and hear the footsteps on the balcony approaching.

You can create any weekend away into a detox weekend. The start of the year is always trendy to complete a detox program. After a month of overindulging and savouring every treat, a detox weekend to kickstart the year can be a sensible choice. Simple smoothie recipes are a great way to start each day. All the ingredients are easy to source and loaded with a nutritional punch. There is no wrong way to make a smoothie, almost all healthy vegetables and fruits can blend well into a nutritious smoothie. Smoothies are delicious. A morning smoothie to nourish your soul with whole foods is a perfect way to add a smile to your day. 

Making fruit smoothies are simple and easy. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure your smoothies taste good. Smoothies follow the same recipe, all that changes are the ingredients. Add liquid to your blender. Water, almond milk or fruit juice works well. Add your fibrous foods. Add in frozen fruits and vegetables and then all fresh fruits and vegetables. To spice up your smoothie, add protein powder, chia seeds or turmeric to boost the smoothie nutrition. Start blending with a slow speed and increase to full speed until you reach the desired consistency. It is time to pour and enjoy. Savour the freshness and healthy foods into your body. 
Add superfoods for added flavour. You can add coconut milk, crushed ice, honey or low-fat yoghurt. These ingredients will help to add boosted flavour and freshness. Play with ingredients to create your desired smoothie. Berry smoothies, chocolate, protein shakes, peanut butter and banana, or green machines are all delicious in a quick blended smoothie. 

You open your eyes to see the massage bed laid out on the pool deck next to the swimming pool. It is time for your massage. The days are warm, an average of thirty degrees Celsius and night temperatures dropping down into the twenties. The warm highveld wind blows onto your skin. You fall asleep enjoying a massage on the deck. 

Mr C Harties accommodation is simplistic, spacious, luxurious and comfortable. You will retreat to your room after your massage therapy on the pool deck. You enjoy a quick cold shower in the dim lights. A warm cup of rooibos tea will keep you hydrated for the night and soothe your calm presence into a deep sleep. In the morning, you wake up sitting on the balcony enjoying a peaceful morning surrounded by nature overlooking the water. Sip on green tea for a caffeine and detox boost and order a fruit bowl to start your day fresh and rejuvenated. 

Enquire about current offer at Mr C to book a detox, massage and quiet weekend away in Harties. 

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