Fun and strange facts about Hartebeespoort Dam

Fun things to do in Harties

  • Aerial Cable Way with spectacular views
  • Elephant Sanctuary to walk with these beautiful animals.
  • Bushbabies Monkey sanctuary to visit and feed the beautiful naughty monkeys
  • Visit the Snake and Animal Park in Harties
  • Visit Hartebbespoort dam and walk across the iconic dam wall and arch.
  • Visit the Incendo Distillery for a Gin and chocolate pairing.
  • Visit the Upside down house a short drive outside Harties.
  • Visit the Aloe farm to buy and view all the aloe varieties.
  • Visit the Pretvill Film set.
  • The Welwitschia Country Market offers African arts and crafts to buy.
  • Book a scenic Horse trail experience
  • Set sail on a sunset yacht cruise on the Hartebeespoort Dam.

Crocodiles in Harties
There are stories of crocodiles in the Hartebeespoort dam. It is not officially confirmed, but a few forums have reported crocodile sightings.

Hyacinth Plant in Harties
The vast majority of the Hartebeespoort dam's surface looks similar to a lush green field. The water hyacinth has multiplied and is so dense, covering the dam. The hyacinth plant covers an estimated 30% of the dam's surface.

Pubs and Restaurants in Harties
Harties offers a wide variety of different food and bars to visit. It is well known as a weekend destination. There are craft distilleries and beer breweries to see and taste.

Spa at Mr C Harties
Mr C in Harties offers a unique private Spa experience. You can book in advance when you confirm your booking at Mr C.

Private Romantic Wine Cellar Tasting at Mr C Harties
The wine cellar at Mr C is ready to take bookings for the colder winter months. Enjoy a meat and cheese board with a wine of your choice. You can also order wine by the glass in the underground private cellar.

Games at Mr C
Mr C offers the best variety of games in Hartebeespoort Dam. You can play pinball, arcade games, table tennis, fussball, darts and more. The entertainment will keep you busy for an entire weekend.

Golf in Harties
Many private golf estates are bordering Hartebeespoort dam to book a challenging but relaxing day on the golf course. The courses are all surrounded by nature, rivers and the Magaliesberg mountain range.

Rock climbing and Abseil in Harties
You can book a rock climbing and abseil experience with a group of experienced guides to show you the ropes. It is not for the faint-hearted but promises an incredible adventurous experience.

Air Balloon Trips in Harties
Call Mr C Harties to book a spectacular air balloon trip flying over the Magaliesberg Mountains range and game parks. It is an unforgettable experience.

Fishing in Harties
You can book a fishing charter on the Hartebeespoort dam to guide you with the right bait to the right areas. You might get the biggest catch of the day.

Boat cruises in Harties
Hartebeespoort dam offers exceptional yacht cruises with snacks and drinks into the sunset. You can book for two or larger groups to experience the tranquillity of the Harties dam.

Mr C Harties
The private Mr C boutique hotel in Harties offers two private luxury rooms with staff to attend to all your needs. The menu offers a brilliant variety of dishes.
The bar is fully stocked with every drink, cocktail and wine to excite your taste. 

Sipping a drink with a bushveld fire, listening to the African wildlife noises from the distant hills, and overlooking the dam is a fantastic way to spend a weekend away in Hartebeespoort dam.

Contact  Tel: +27 65 843 5238 or

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