Red wine and a delicious cheese platter in Harties at Mr C

The autumn leaves are falling across South Africa. The temperatures are cooling, making it perfect for enjoying red wine. At Mr C Harties, the wine list offers various options to pair with a delicious cheese and meat platter in the wine cellar.

After a day on the deck enjoying the view, you can slowly make your way down the wine cellar steps to your cheese and meat platter and pop a bottle of red wine.

Ribshack Red at Mr C Harties

One of the recommended wines is the Ribshack red smooth vintage to sip on while you eat cheese and cold meats in the underground cellar.

The Rib Shack red is a wine made at the Ribshack Winery part of the Douglas Green brand. It is a bold red blend of Shiraz and Pinotage. The flavours are bold and robust but easy to drink. 

The wine has a purple colour and ripe berry aromas. At first, it is bold, but after a while, pairing the wine with the meat and cheese platter, the balance is perfect.

The Ribshack Red wine is an excellent good Western Cape South African Pinotage & Shiraz blend. It has a great nose, lingers nicely on the palate with notes of chocolate & dark berries and is very balanced between tannins and acidity. 

It's a terrific value wine you can enjoy throughout the upcoming winter months.

Mr C star dish at the moment is the tasty, hearty braai meal. 

The Ribshack red will also complement the famous braai meal at Mr C. The Ribshack red full berry flavours is a perfect wine with meat dishes.

If you are looking for a private venue to enjoy a weekend in the Magaliesberg hills, look no further than the spectacular Mr C Harties in Hartebeespoort dam.

The menu at Mr C Harties offers you tasty options from breakfast to dinner. 

You dine on the balcony overlooking the picturesque Hartebeespoort dam. There is enough shade and sunny spots to soak up the weekend feeling while you sip on a drink and enjoy your meal with a view.

Let's have a look at a few of the dishes and wines to pair with your meal.

Lunch dishes at Mr C

The lunch menu dishes will pair well with a glass of Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc. The blend of fruit and acidity in the white wines pair well with almost all fingers snacks and light lunch options like a sandwich or a Ribs and Wings basket.

The Cheesy Chips and bacon bits dish will pair well with a glass of Chardonnay.

The menu offers many more options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you enjoy a Spicy hot sauce?

A wine with lower alcohol and less tannin will complement the spice. A full-bodied rosé with a hint of sweetness would work well. 

Big and bold? 

A bold red wine with a rounded balance will complement the melted cheese and the beef dishes. The succulent meat dishes and beef pasta is delicious with a full-body glass of South African red wine.

And what about whites? 


Chardonnay would work well with most toppings except spicy ones, which will pair better with a sweeter wine and less acidity. A bit of acidity helps to cut through the fattiness of the meat and any decadent cheesy toppings. 


Bubbles are also excellent for lightening up heavier, salty foods and make the perfect pairing with afternoon lunch basket meals and finger snacks. This pairing is ideal for a lazy lunch, enjoying a variety of lunch snacks on the balcony.

Dessert at Mr C

Choc Volcano Cake

TheChoc Volcano Cake is the current favourite dessert at the Mr C Harties.

A concentrated red wine with a velvety texture, oaky spice, and dark berry fruit aromas will pair perfectly with your Choc Volcano Cake. Full flavoured red wines like the Ribshack Red goes well with chocolate. 

Don't miss out on the private venue offering you laid back but attentive service with tasty meals and various drinks to order.

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