Host Your Next Party or event in Hartbeespoort Dam

Host Your Next Party or event in Hartbeespoort Dam at Mr C. The team is ready to take your call and plan your fun day overlooking the Hartbeespoort Dam.

What kind of events can you host at Mr C Harties?

The venue is perfect for almost any event you can plan. The venue is ideal for smaller exclusive events offering you privacy in the Harties hills.

If you plan a Bachelor, Bachelorette, Baby shower, corporate fun day, or any event you can plan, Mr C Harties wants to hear from you.

The venue is a short drive out of Gauteng and close to Brits and the surrounding areas. 


Bachelor Party in Hartbeespoort Dam

At Mr C Harties, events are fun. Fun in the sun. The team at Mr C will work to deliver everything you need to enjoy your special event.

The only games you want to play.

Arcade nostalgia games at Mr C will put a smile on your face while listening to Elvis and Johhny Cash.

Mr C boasts a growing collection of vintage pinball and arcade games. You are welcome to play the games.  
The staff will assist you with coins for each game.

 The bar and entertainment area at Mr C has fun games and activities to keep you entertained. Mr C offers daytime games to play outside in and out of the heated swimming pools. At nighttime, the games continue indoors and outdoors. It is a weekend of fun and games at the retro-modern venue.

Bachelorette Parties in Hartbeespoort Dam

Mr C Harties provides a fun and classy venue for bachelorette parties. 

Gin is one of the favourite ingredients in cocktails. Choose between a wide variety of gins for your bachelorette party drinks order. If you prefer cocktails, the bar offers you a complete list of deliciously decadent and traditional cocktails. Gin and jive is the perfect combination for ladies parties. The venue is private, and the music is jiving. 

The Yummy cocktails and drinks will tingle and tantalize your taste buds and have your guests asking for more. Add two heated pools. That sounds like a recipe for an epic party.

Spa Packages in Hartbeespoort Dam at Mr C Harties
Choose between a selection of spa packages at Mr C Harties for your girl's event.

Full Body Exfoliation, Full Body Wrap, Full Body Massage, Facial.


Full Body Swedish Massage, Pressure Point Foot Massage *or* Head Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (seated)
Hand Soak, Exfoliation followed by Mask and Hand Massage (seated) 
Foot Soak, Exfoliation followed by Mask and Foot Massage(seated) 

You can book your spa packages in advance when you plan your event with the team at Mr C Harties.


Baby Shower in Hartbeespoort Dam

The venue offers you a relaxing day out of the busy metro's. Your event is exclusive and caters to all your needs at Mr C. The team can help you arrange your decor and details to suit your theme.


Corporate fun day at Mr C Harties

With all the games and activities available at Mr C and in Hartbeespoort dam, it is the perfect corporate event venue. Get your team out of the office and into playful activities and games while Mr C staff cares for all your event needs.


Live Music at Mr C

Mr C Harties supports local musicians and can help you book the proper musician for your event. There is space for a boogie and a twist to rock the night away after a full day of fun.


Hartbeespoort upcoming activities

The team at Mr C Harties can help you book a suitable activity for your event. You can choose quad biking, a paintball day, pleasure boat cruises, horse riding and many more crazy and adventurous activities in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Mr C Event Venue and Accommodation

Mr C offers a rare combination of luxury and playfulness. The venue has expansive views over the Hartbeespoort Dam while you sip on your drink on the balcony or in the swimming pool. The venue is ideally suited to small corporate events or private parties.

Contact Mr C Harties to enquire and plan your next event. The team is excited to receive your e-mail or call.

Tel: +27 65 843 5238


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