Year-end function and event venue with a view in Hartbeespoort dam

Are you looking for a unique event venue in Hartbeespoort Dam? You can book your next Year-end function at Mr C Harties. The venue offers spectacular views over Hartbeespoort dam.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

When organizing an event, you have many decisions. Choosing the right venue is a big decision and will impact the success of your event. The date of your event, catering options, and the number of guests are details to consider. 

Does this sound a bit intimidating? 

The team at Mr C Harties put together a few tips to consider to help you make the right decision. Here are some guidelines.



1. When should you start looking for a Venue in Hartbeespoort Dam?

The earlier, the better. 

Set your budget, event size and the space that will work best. Once you have the essential details set, shortlist a few options in your desired area. 

Booking a few months in advance will help you to prepare for every detail.



2. What to consider when you search for an event venue in Hartbeespoort Dam
  • Location

Your location should be accessible to all your guests. Consider parking and accommodation when you book your venue. If you don't want people to drive, book enough accommodation.

Shuttles and Uber is an excellent option to ensure no one drives after a few drinks.

  • Capacity at your Hartbeespoort Dam venue

How many people can the venue accommodate, and how many rooms are available to book? 



3. Does the venue team provide catering and equipment for your event? 

Often the venue can cater for all your menu needs. If not, plan with a supported venue caterer to cater for your event.

Delicious food is a must. Planning a tasty menu will ensure happy guests and a successful event.

Make sure your venue will have enough tables, chairs, cutlery and staff for your guests. Ask the venue team to help you set up your event. Ensure that you include the cleanup cost in your venue hire.

AV capabilities are essential if you plan a corporate presentation. If you have an MC or keynote speaker at your event, prepare the right area for a stage or set up spot.


4. Event activities in Hartbeespoort Dam


Book a venue that will suit your event theme and needs. For small intimate events, a private venue is suitable. If you host a large event, plan to accommodate all your guests. The venue you book should suit your desired atmosphere for the event.


Activate insurance for your event to prepare for any accident or breakage. You can arrange that with your general liability insurance agent. It will give you peace of mind to cover any unwanted costs.


If you are looking for a venue with many in-house games and activities, Mr C Harties can work for you.


Retro Arcade Games

Mr C boasts an ever-growing collection of vintage pinball and arcade games for the use of your guests. 

There are many games on offer at the bar at Mr C Harties.

Ninja Stars: R50 per star for unlimited use with the cut-off time daily @ 20:00

Darts: R100 Refundable deposit per set (Return set at the end of the day)

Nail & Hammer: R25 for ten nails with cut off time daily @ 20:00

Air Hockey: R100 for unlimited use (Return set at the end of the day)

Sauna: R250 per person for unlimited use for your entire stay


Have a Spa Day

If a relaxing massage is more your idea of a fun activity, make sure to book one of the massage packages. Book the spa packages in advance.

To plan a fun day in Hartbeespoort Dam for your guests, contact the team at Mr C Harties. Enquire about partner activities in Hartbeespoort Dam.


5. How to Search for a Venue in Hartbeespoort Dam

Finding the right venue for your event can take up quite a bit of your time. There are a few shortcuts to help you save time. 

Visit review sites on google to read through happy reviews. Google for event venues in your desired area to create a shortlist. Read through all the details listed on the venue website before you make a decision.

If you are flexible on your event date and costs, that can help you negotiate with your venue. If the venue has open dates they want to fill, you might receive a discounted venue rate.

Essential aspects to look out for before your event day.

  • Discuss all your event details with the venue team and put them in writing.


  • Make sure you have your venue only booked for your event to ensure privacy. If the venue offers more than one event area, make sure your guests know where to go.


  • Make sure to plan your menu and the catering details.


  • Ensure that you book enough tables, chairs, and cutlery for all your catering needs 


  • Plan for your sound, MC and live music requirements.


  • Ensure that there will be enough staff to tend to your guests.


  • Your event success depends on your pre-planning to take care of all the small details.


To view more available activity packages at Mr C, visit the link below.

Mr C Harties offers you a rare combination of luxury and playfulness. The venue combines modern luxury with expansive views over the Hartbeespoort Dam. Invite all your guests to the venue suited to small corporate events and private parties.

For more information, contact the team at Mr C Harties. Plan all your details for your next event in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Contact Mar C Harties at:

Tel: +27 65 843 5238

or send an e-mail


The team is waiting for your message to assist you with your booking.

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