Turn the crazy alcohol ban into an epic energized stay at Mr C Harties.

A healthier mind is the best cure for your body to start in 2021. Mr C Harties offers a tranquil, luxurious hideaway to refresh and rest your body.

Are you feeling frustrated with all the restrictions and shopping bans starting 2021? After a tough day at the office, a beer or a glass of wine is a go-to wind down. You sit down on your favourite chair, pour your drink into your favourite glass, take a sip, stretch your feet out and sip away the workday. We are habitual and crave the little things that make us happy. You had a tough day at work. You arrive home, open the fridge and remember that we are in a forced alcohol ban. It is not your choice, but we have no choice but to play along. Long gone are the days when adults can decide for themselves. Not in South Africa. You start browsing the web and find a booking special for a few days away in Hartebeespoort Dam. Mr C Harties looks inviting and beautiful with views over the rim-flow pool and onto the Harties dam. If you have to abstain and change your lifestyle for a few weeks, why not book a rejuvenating breakaway. You complete the two-night booking and start packing a few essentials for the short road trip to Hartebeespoort Dam. The drive is quick and easy to navigate. You arrive at the hilltop property, step out of the car, walk down the stairs, look out onto the pool deck and can't believe that you found this hidden gem in Harties.

Restful Sleep
When you think about restful sleep, you imagine uninterrupted deep sleep without disturbing house alarms, dogs barking or noises in the house that wake you up at three in the morning. The stress of daily living and anxiety about work can keep you lying awake for hours at night. Booking a two-night stay at Mr C Harties will offer you the chance to escape your environment and recharge. The rooms are spacious with a peaceful view. The balcony is cosy, quiet and surrounded by lush green. The bed is big and inviting with dim light to fall asleep after a good read. To ensure a good night sleep:

  • Play in the daytime and calm down at night.
  • Avoid bright lights, caffeine, alcohol and eating too late at night.
  • Switch off your phone and laptop and retreat to Mr C's fireplace to break from screen time. 
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower.

Deep sleep will restore your energy, assist with cell regeneration, increase blood supply to your muscles, repair body healing and strengthen your immune system. A good night sleep will clear all your anxiety, allowing a mindful and relaxed day ahead.

Eat Fresh
It is easier to eat fresh and healthy when you are away from your home. You have less stress and feel relaxed. There is no fridge or pantry filled with your favourite treats. It is not necessary to go overboard when you take a two-day detox trip. You can enjoy all your regular nutritional food with bite-size portions that will assist digestion. Eat a fried or boiled egg for breakfast. Fruit and smoothies are ideal for giving your body a break, but proteins are essential if you are active. If you reduce your favourite foods like potatoes and red meat into small lean portions, it forms part of your healthy diet. Cut out the fatty toppings containing the calories. Eating lean will assist your sleep and energize your body. If you reduce alcohol, think of mixing foods like carrots, fat-free yoghurt, nuts, apples and berries into your meal plan. A two-day detox does not have to be boring or clinical, keep it fun and exciting. 

Don't forget to play. As adults, we take responsibility and step into a leadership position cutting out our playful nature. A two-day stay at Mr C Harties will help you to wind down and engage in active activities. In Harties you can go mountain biking, water ski, abseil, hike, four-wheel motocross or go for a run up the hill. On the pool, there is a dunking chair, who will have the last laugh? The retro pinball machine and arcade games transport you back into the fifties and eighties feeling like a naughty kid. If these games are too much stimulation, move over to the table tennis table. Test your skill with a little bit of ball play. If all you desire is a quiet and relaxed day, play a chess game next to the pool or by the fireplace. 

George Bernard Shaw once said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Your breakfast at Mr C Harties is healthy. The pool swim is calming. You stepped out for exercise, pushing your body to sweat out all the toxins. After a lazy bath, you lie down for a massage by the pool. You sit down for a bite-sized lunch, nutritional, filling and healthy drinking a refreshing glass of cold lemon juice. The afternoon is rainy with thunderstorms and tropical winds blowing warm raindrops into your cheek. You have an early dinner with rooibos tea. You look into the distance, lights flickering on the hill. What happened to my life, I feel like a fit energizer bunny, healthy as can be, rested and relaxed, ready to take on the busy week ahead.

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