Want to see a high-speed cheetah chase?, visit the Cheetah research centre in Harties.

This December is a bit different from other Decembers due to the COVID virus active throughout the entire globe. We are currently experiencing a second wave COVID surge. Any large gatherings and usual December holiday plans are in jeopardy. You want to avoid crowds, shopping malls and all entertainment places with too many people surrounding you. 

The Cheetah Centre in Harties offers guided tours in small groups and outdoor nature activities to view the Cheetahs in their natural environment. The Cheetah tours are two hours, and you have the opportunity to see a high-speed Cheetah chase. The Cheetah Centre is active in the fight for Cheetah survival, Cheetah conservation and to assist with researching the magnificent creatures. The Cheetah Centre is a non-profit organisation with no government funding and relies on sponsorship, donations and income generated from tours and visitors. There are many ways in which you can support the Cheetah Centre. You can book a tour, adopt a wild child, make a donation, or contribute towards the research, education and conservation efforts through a sponsorship.

The Cheetah Centre was established in 1971 by Ann van Dyk and originally known as the De Wildt Cheetah Research Centre. In twenty-ten the Centre name changed to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre as a tribute to Ann van Dyk devoting her life to the survival of cheetahs and rare and endangered species.

When you stay at Mr C Harties, the drive to the Cheetah Centre will take approximately twenty minutes. You will drive toward the R513 that will lead you to the Centre in a magnificent natural wildlife setting. Driving from Johannesburg or Pretoria will be an hour drive through the winding roads and hills with a view of the Magaliesberg.

Other wild animals are present on the tours and safaris include several species of Vulture, Jackals, Caracal, Wild Dog and several species of Antelope. At the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre, the animals’ interests are first. The Cheetah Centre no longer offer ambassador interactions or touching to the public. The cost per entry is one hundred and fifty rand per adult and one hundred rands for children. Bookings are essential with the reservations desk. Book a tour and take a walk with a guide around the Centre to view all the wild animals. Bring your hat, comfortable shoes and sunscreen the summer highveld sun is warm.

You can book a private guided tour available daily at two in the afternoon, including weekends and public holidays. This tour age restriction is for children from seven and above. The cost of the private tour is two thousand five hundred rands per vehicle for a two-hour drive. Bookings are essential to book a private tour. Informative guided tours are offered on a Saturday, driving guests through the cheetah and wild dog camps in an open safari vehicle.

The Cheetah Run and walking tour are available on Wednesday at eight in the morning, and no children under seven are allowed. The cost to book a Cheetah Run is three hundred rand per adult and two hundred rands for children. Bookings are essential. The Cheetah run offers you the chance to see the graceful wild animals run at high speed. Have your camera ready to capture a beautiful Cheetah photograph.

The Cheetah Centre offers the public a chance to adopt a wild child by donating to support animal conservation and research. To find out more, visit the Cheetah Centre website.

After witnessing the beautiful wildlife creatures in their natural wild habitat, drive back to Mr C Harties for a drink and a snack on the balcony with a view over the water.

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