We wish you a Merry Christmas from the cheerful Mr C Harties team.

What a year it has been in the world. In January we watched as China locked down cities and the soon to follow the country, then in April, we were in one of the strictest lockdowns in South Africa due to COVID spreading like wildfire. This year has been challenging for all of us in many ways. It is December 2020, time to breathe and celebrate working through a tormenting year. Mr C Harties has had a good year welcoming guests from all over. The days at Mr C are sunny and warm overlooking the Hartebeespoort Dam. Once the lockdown restrictions eased, Mr C welcomed many guests desperate for a night or two away from the lockdown blues, enjoying drinks on the balcony and by the bar with a view.

The warm pool is refreshing for a swim after a sauna or a massage session. Pamper sessions has been popular after lockdown restrictions eased. Mr C Harties offer many options to book a spa session to release tension and stress. A soothing massage in the hot summer breeze is calming and rejuvenating. If you enjoy a sauna experience, book the sauna and heat your body temperature while looking out over the pool and the Harties dam water into the rolling hills.

Mr C offers an ideal working location to escape the confinement of your office and work next to the pool on the spacious deck. The lunch menu has good bit size options to snack on while keeping an eye on your emails. If you decide to stay over, book in advance to experience the comfortable luxury in a spacious private room with a private balcony to work and enjoy sundowners. The staff at Mr C will keep your glass full and offer all the options Mr C offers to make your stay relaxed. Your car is safe parking inside the secure gated property. Mr C Harties is a short drive from all the big Gauteng metros ideal for a night or weekend escape.

If you are in the Gauteng area this December, drop by for a refreshing drink at the bar, book a lunch or meet the staff to enquire about a weekend booking. There are many activities on offer in Harties to lure you away from your screen and into nature. If wildlife excites you, book a visit to the Elephant sanctuary, Monkey Sanctuary, Cheetah Sanctuary, Lion Park or the Harties Aquarium. There are many beer breweries in Harties to taste craft beer and delicious food offerings at many of the restaurants. There are themed activities and fun film set options to visit and have a playful day. It is a shopping paradise with the African craft and art markets offering unique Christmas shopping.

Christmas is on December twenty-fifth. Christmas day is a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. It is a time of the year to exchange gifts, decorate lit up Christmas trees, attend church if you are religious. It is a day to cook up a storm sharing meals with family and friends. For the kids, it is a mystical tradition, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive through the chimney or climb down from the roof to deliver gifts. Christmas is one week in a year to spend time with family, celebrate gratefully, share if you can and take a moment to reflect in harmony. The spirit of Christmas is caring and showing affection.

The Mr C Harties team would like to wish you well over the festive Christmas time. Thank you for all the support during a year full of turmoil. We are excited to see you soon. If you haven't visited Mr C Harties, Follow the website and social media for ongoing drinks and overnight specials to enjoy the warm and laid back friendly and jolly vibes at Mr C Harties.

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